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Hi! Meet Habeeba Damola Adesilu

Combining her name; Habeeba (love) and Bella (beauty), the owner believes every person can create and imprint their beauty into the world by being their true beautiful self.
With a start in Finance, Habeeba has always loved fashion and leisure and looked for a way to combine the two. 
According to her, Beebabella is more than just a clothing brand. It is a sanctuary for everyone and anyone to be truly themselves and tap into their true essence. With our ethically sourced fabrics; we believe that creativity can be achieved when you feel and look your best.

About Our Products

Everyone wants to feel like a Queen, especially in her home and that’s where we come in. Welcome to the ultra-chic, luxurious and comfortable world of Beebabella.Our collection of African-inspired print pajamas in silk and satin-mix fabrics promotes comfortable versatile sleepwear for the stylish woman.Paired with either heels or flats, each piece is carefully created to celebrate the Queen that you truly are.We also offer personalized set for slumber parties and celebrations.

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